How to Use a Bubbler?

The anatomy of a bubbler

There are hundred types of bong on the market, when new types are created, or when we are a bong starter decides to buy a smoking piece that never used before, we all want to know how to use them correctly.

Bubbler, a hand-held water pipe, with both benefits of bongs and hand pipes, it has a carb hole design, together with bowl, mouthpiece, fixed downstem and water chamber.

The Bubbler was chosen and became popular because it’s compact, portable, easy to handle and carry, and had the same smooth smoking experience of a bong. So bubbler also known as bubbler pipe, bubbler bong and water bubbler.

And from the material to distinguish bubblers, generally divided into glass bubbler and silicone bubbler.

For the bubbler novice smokers, this article may give you some help on how to use a bubbler properly.

The anatomy of a bubbler

How to use bubbler bong like a boss?

It is actually quite easy to use a bubbler, here is the step by step guidance.

Steps of how to use a bubbler

1.Fill the bubbler base with water

Make sure you have put enough fresh clean preferably cold water inside your bubbler’s water chamber. You can fill the piece either from the mouthpiece opening, or bowl, or carb hole, the easiest way is adding water from the bowl.

Not too much water, the perfect water volume is just covering the slits of your bubbler’s stem, remember too much water can lead to a choppy pool and water in your mouth, and too little brings you airy dry hits.

Tailor the water level to your preference and how hard you pull. It is very necessary to test it out before using to get a perfect smoking experience.

The water better covers it at least half if there’s a percolator inside. The percolator can further cool and humidify the smoke by diffusing it through air and water with extra time, so nowadays some bubblers have started getting built-in percolators, that’s what we called fixed stem.  

2.Pack herbs in the bubbler bowl

Once you’ve got your water level established, go ahead and fill the bowl with smoking material. Use a herb grinder to grind your cannabis to a fine light consistency and then start to pack the empty bowl with the ground cannabis. It is important to pack the cannabis lightly so that air can flow through smoothly.

3.Light the bowl as you cover the carb hole and then inhale

The carb hole is used to control how big your hits are and how long they’ll last. To easily upgrade your smoking experience rather than using a lighter directly on a bowl, use the hemp wick for cleaner flavored hits. Cover the carb hole, light it up and begin to inhale. Then release the carb hole when you’re ready to clean your piece. Beginners often take long deep hits with bubblers which reduces the potential of smoothness. Several small hits are much better.

How to use a bubbler bong

4.Clean your piece after smoking

It’s super easy and should only take you a few minutes if you clean your bubbler pipe after each smoke sesh regularly.

You can place the dirty piece in the alcohol of 70% concentration inside a Ziploc bag, shake it up for about 30 seconds, and then let it soaked for 15-20 minutes. Use the q-tip or pipe cleaner to wipe out the inside of the bubbler. Afterward, rinse it with hot water and rinse it with cold water till it’s clean.

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