The Most Useful Trick of How to Remove a Stuck Downstem

How to Remove a Stuck Downstem Ueeglass

Lots of people are asking how to get the stuck downstem out of a bong. If your downstem is stuck, unfortunately, remember do not heat it, knock it or bang it.

Most people like to tap hard on the stuck downstem that connects to the joint, or shake the bong when downstem is stuck, they don’t know doing that can easily break it or crack it, the whole set up is gonna be toast.
Some other people like to apply heat to the downstem, then hit it again and again, trying to remove the stuck or broken downstem, it could be your next broken piece pulling from your pure hatred towards your bong. And I am sure some fams have tried boiling the whole set but didn’t work.
Here is a simple way you can have a try if your down stem stuck in your bong, it also works for your stuck bowl. By reading this article, you’ll never leaving your downstem in your bong again.

Any downstems you can get out with a wooden spoon.

1.Tapped around the joint GENTLY with a wooden spoon (your finger or your lighter or even your salt grinder) a couple times and it came loose, the light tapping method works like a charm.

2. If your downstem is pretty stuck, let’s find a wooden spoon with a slender handle or any wooden sticks or thick chopsticks like the spoon, which is really handy and a lot easier for getting in there. Applying with a little bit of pressure via the spoon in certain spots of your stuck downstem and wiggling around the down stem gently, with a little bit of friction, the downstem would popped right out of your bong.

It it’s still stuck, run it under hot water first, then tap and roll it around with the wooden spoon. This method also works like magic on how to remove a broken downstem, you fams gotta try it out.

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