How to Measure Downstem?

how to know what size downstem you need

I’m sure you are like me, you are way too high to get your piece messy, glass downstem often breaks out of control, things happen, sometimes the bong downstem gets broke while cleaning, sometimes it gets too dirty and you just can’t clean it or you just don’t want to clean it anymore, then you’ll need a new downstem for your smoke water pipes.
If you’re looking for a replacement downstem, it’s really important to make sure that it fits your bong or it’s not going to work.
Let’s see how to measure downstem size per my experience in this article.

What is a Downstem ?
It’s a piece of glass tube connecting the glass bowl to the main water chamber of your bong. It’s going to pull smoke down through the downstem from your bowl. The most common type is the slitted downstem with several slits at the bottom of the tube, diffusing the smoke into the water.

how to know what size downstem you need

How to Measure a Downstem?
Some mistakes you could make when you do downstem measurements, you may either getting a downstem that’s too long or too short, the joint size is too big or too small, so you may ask “what size downstem do i need?”

How to Measure Downstem Joint Size? 18mm Downstem or 14mm Downstem?

what size downstem do I need, ueeglass 14mm downstem 18mm downtem

First thing first, it is very important to figure out what joint size your bong is. The most common one is going to be 19 millimeters or 18 millimeters, more technical term is 18.8mm. The downstem itself fits that 19mm or 18mm piece and has a 14mm female joint.
A little trick, if you have a dime, you can put it into your joint. A dime will fit inside 19 or 18 millimeters, but it will not fit into the 14-millimeter one.

One more visualized method to tell what size of your bong downstem it is, use a digital caliper to measure the external diameter and inner diameter of the downstem joint.

How to Measure Downstem Joint Size

So that’s how to tell what size downstem you need.

How to Measure Downstem Length?
What you need for the downstem measurement is a tape measure or a ruler or something to get a measurement, a pen or marker definitely helps, but you can’t get by without it, and you definitely need something straight long, such as a pencil or drinking straw.

When you’re measuring a water pipe’s downstem size, measure it from the joint down, NOT the whole thing itself. In length, it measures what’s actually going down into the bong as opposed to the whole downstem itself. You want it just about in the middle, just off the base without touching the bottom of your beaker bong, right in the middle for peak percolation.

how to measure a downstem

If you go with a short one, it would work but not great. It’s maybe just in the water, you’re not going to get much percolation and most of the smoke isn’t going to be filtered through the water. It’s just going to go right up the tube and be a more harsh hit. That’s why you don’t want a downstem that’s too short. If you go longer, it’s just not going to fit and that’s not going to be beneficial to you or to anybody else and it just kind of sucks.

Where to Buy Glass Bong Downstem?
Once you have the downstem measurements, go to a local smoke store near you with Google map, or find an online smoke shop to buy a suitable downstem. Sometimes not everything is going to be the exact size that you need. If so, make it just slightly smaller, that’s going to guarantee your fit you can always put a little bit more water in the chamber and get great percolation that way.

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