How to Clean a bubbler?

Ueeglass mini hammer bong

When your bubbler is dirty, it’s time to clean it, but how to clean a glass bubbler? There are three effective ways to get your piece cleaned, and these methods are suitable for cleaning bubblers, all kinds of bongs, rigs and pipes.

Method 1: 90%+ ISO and salt

Add 90%+ ISO and salt into your glass piece, cut plastic wrap for the two openings, use a rubber band to keep it on and give the bong a good shake and soak if debris are stubborn. Rinse with warm water and dry with a hairdryer on no heat. Your piece would looks new every time and the supplies are super cheap and easy to obtain

Method 2: 420 solution

Use 420 solution to clean your smoke piece, rubber plugs on the mouthpiece and down stem, shake it for like 30 seconds, rinse, dry, all cleaned.

Method 3: Hot water before salt and alcohol

Use hot water to soften stubborn stains in your bong, and do it a couple of times before adding salt and alcohol. With this method, it even removes those crazy ass hard to get barnacles you get from dabbing!

The most common clean method is using isopropyl rubbing alcohol and some natural sea salt to get the piece cleaned. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean a bubbler pipe with regular salt and rubbing alcohol step-by-step. Here are some steps:

Step 1: Add salt

First, grab your bubbler bong you’re using to smoke. Pouring the salt into the water chamber from the bowl hole.

Step 2: Add alcohol

What you can do next is pouring the rubbing alcohol from the same bowl hole, the alcohol going through the downstem which could help dissolve the salts. It’s actually filling up how much you want to have in your bubbler. It will go down and fell.

And then pour more salt and add some of the rubbing alcohol to it as well as you go because that is what’s gonna help make it nice and clean. You can see the salt and rubbing alcohol mixture building up over your bubbler.

Next, you got to pour your rubbing alcohol down the downstem of the bubbler. If you have excess salt, dump it out. You can see your isopropyl level should still be exactly on the 2/3 of your bubbler.

Step 3: Remove excess salts

If you have excess salt here dump it out, just get rid of any salt on the sides of your glass, because it makes it easier to fly and slip out of your hand, your glass is broken less.

Step 4: Shake your bubbler

If you have a carb hole on your piece, take your thumb to cover it, take your other thumb and cover the hole on the mouthpiece, take your index finger and put it over the bowl, and just shake out of it.

Get it in the mouthpiece area shake that up and doing this a second time, it will make your bowl cleaner than it was originally. The more you shake the cleaner your bowl gets. When you see some of the salt is still but you’re gonna rinse that out with water, make sure all the salts or most of them get washed away by the rubbing alcohol.

After shaking it, you can see the dirtiness in there. Unplug all the holes and pour through the mouthpiece.

If there still has a little bit of taste or smell, just clean it by adding the alcohol into the bowl and the side vent again. You can twirl it with toilet paper in there so you will get some of the stickiness out of the bowl and then shake it. Make sure to get all of the alcohol taste out of the bubbler.

Step 5: Rinse your bubbler with hot water

When you clean up, there will also be much salt in your bubbler and hot water will wash it all away and that is the final step. So rinse your bubbler carefully with hot water. What level of water you want for your glass piece depends on you and the glass piece. We suggest filling it up and testing it out without anything in it. Then cover up the holes and bowl piece, fill up your bubbler and just shake it about three times. You can get yourself some paper towel and dry it off and then you will see it officially looks like brand new glass.

This is bubbler cleaning guide, hope it helps, stay high fam.

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