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Ueeglass 7.8 inch Pineapple Bong


The design inspiration of our Pineapple shaped bong comes from the sweet tropical fruit, we’ve got several super vibrant chamber colors match beautifully crafted green leaves surround the neck, it’s a perfect treat for hot summertime, she is bound to chill you out with its beauty.

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6 Slits Diffused Downstem 18mm to 14mm


Ueeglass 18mm to 14mm downstem has a variety of sizes on length, it features 6 cuts on the tube, one single hole at the bottom. This kind of downstem is a great simple diffuser that filters smoke and ash before it enters water in base chamber, provides smoother draws.

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Ueeglass 7mm Thick Beaker Bong with Colored Neck and Matrix Perc


If you’re tired of choking on a classic bong, then try a perc bong, you’ll feel a world of difference.

The matrix percolator name comes from 360-degree horizontal slits and vertical slits mesh glass cuts on the percolator’s surface made in a cylindrical shape, it diffuses and circulates the smoke into a stack of tiny bubbles from different directions, offering optimal filtration of the smoke, enhancing the flavor and aroma of the smoke.

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Ueeglass 10 inch 9mm Beaker Bong with Ring Ice Catcher


If you consider yourself more accident prone than the average smoker who had a history of breaking glass pieces, or if you are a DogMom DogDad at home, or if you have a bunch of friends frequently visiting over, 9mm beaker bong might be the best safe choice for you. Thicker glass means additional durability and protection, heavier pieces have a sense of quality to them.

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Ueeglass 18mm Showerhead Ash Catcher 90 Degree


The 18mm percolator ash catcher is a little attachment that you don’t need to worry about the added weight. The showerhead percolator can cool and filter the smoke while you inhale. The 90 degree handle helps you easier to handle it. The percolator ash catcher fits all 18mm female joint.

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